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Where to Research Grant Opportunities

Moving through the maze of grant opportunities can be a daunting challenge. There are so many organizations, with varying criteria, and new opportunities pop up all the time. Anyone who has worked on grants knows it can take as much... Read More

What Do Reviewers Look for in a Grant Application?

Despite increased efforts from foundations and funders to simplify the grant application process through FAQs, information sessions, and webinars, there still remains an air of mystery around reviewing grants.  So, what can you do to help your submission stand out? ... Read More

Cultivating a Grantee-Funder Relationship

Establishing a direct connection and even an ongoing relationship with a funding organization is crucial for grant success. Relationship-building can take time, persistence, patience, and authenticity on your part. Like any relationship, balance your communication to not only gauge the... Read More

The Elephant in the Room: Grant Writing as Fundraising

There are many blogs, books, and conferences devoted to nonprofit fundraising. Topics, such as direct mail best practices, making “the ask,” and getting your board on-board, have been dissected again and again.  Yet, how honest are the conversations around fundraising... Read More

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Staying Ready to Apply for that Dream Grant

If You Build It, They Will Come: Staying Ready to Apply for that Dream Grant Most of the time, working for a nonprofit means juggling competing deadlines, lack of resources and time constraints … all while fulfilling your important mission... Read More

Are You Ready to Apply for Grants? on

Are You Ready to Apply for Grants?

Ready…Set…Go Whoa! You have a great project your organization is super excited about, and you think you are ready to apply for a grant. But are you really ready? The kneejerk reaction is to say, “Yes, of course,” because you’re... Read More

Finding a Grant for Your Nonprofit on

Finding a Grant for Your Nonprofit

How to fund your 501 C3 Grants – the name itself conjures up feelings of red tape and bliss. However, for NPOs they can be an essential tool for success. On the bright side, grants can be obscenely generous, they... Read More

The Fine Art of Dining with Donors on

The Fine Art of Dining with Donors

The hallmarks of the greatest grant seekers. It's an exciting scene. Two people take their seats at a candlelit supper. Two parties ready to make a good impression and maybe even form a lasting partnership. They know a little about... Read More

Real-World Grammar Lessons on

Real-World Grammar Lessons

Good grammar is alive and well in the real world and you will be judged for it. We all have that one friend who takes great pleasure in correcting our grammar. They see nothing wrong with setting us straight about... Read More

Wait…Don’t Click on the Send Button Yet! How to Evaluate Your Grant Proposal on

Wait…Don’t Click on the Send Button Yet! How to Evaluate Your Grant Proposal

Can a stranger read it and understand exactly what you plan to do? The very last field is finally filled in. Stick a fork in it and call it done. Time to click on the “submit” button and get that... Read More

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