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Grant writing isn't for everybody. And that's why we're here.

We exist to impact the world by providing amazing organizations with the freedom and resources to do the great work they do. We grow our business by continuously improving our efficiency and maximizing returns to our client. We help those who make the world a better place.

Our Story

Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams loves to write grants. She started writing them for herself as a passionate performer working with a children’s theater. Then she ran the freelance circuit, writing grants for anyone who needed her help. That’s when she realized organizations needed more support and expertise than most freelance grant writers could provide.

Founded in 2003, Williams Grant Writing (a.k.a. WGW) is a family-owned grant writing company based in South Florida. WGW is comprised of a team that works together to produce quality grant proposals and reports, research new grant opportunities, and help nonprofits meet their grant-getting potential.

We’ll reduce the amount of time you and your already over-taxed staff spend on grant-related activities. You spend less time chasing down funding and more time putting grant money to good use.

Our Grant Writing Team

At WGW, we have the dream team of grant writers. They love to write grants, and geek out over the structure and detail of grant writing. The proposal requests we’ve worked on have ranged from small amounts to large, multi-year projects for clients of every stripe, including:

  • Art organizations

    Art organizations

  • Social service organizations

    Social service organizations

  • Healthcare organizations

    Healthcare organizations

  • Educational institutions

    Educational institutions

Not only can our team write, we’re also well-versed in creating budgets and synthesizing complex programs into compelling, easy-to-understand narratives. Each team member is extremely self-motivated, easy to work with, and has a keen attention to detail. That’s why we’ve been going strong since 2003.

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